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Daniel Brophy makes art from his urban upbringing. Born and raised in Rahway, NJ, Brophy grew up Baptist, the seventh of eight children. His body of work captures train scenes, portraits of men and women celebrating street life, futuristic landscapes on baseball fields, private rooms inside homes, and the micron of woods, piles of trash, and shantytowns. In this Age of ruined landscapes and an immense human carbon footprint, Brophy’s work recognizes our drastically changing environment—oil refineries alongside a duct-taped stroller, children on the playground wearing masks, an old wooden church abandoned next to the family’s destination, a diner built in the 1970s. His work imagines a not-so-fictional look into the future of our physical landscape and how humans will interact in the distressed environment. Like in the Chinese and Japanese landscape paintings and Hudson River School paintings, Brophy paints ant-sized figures engulfed in the technological and smoke-filled air, as well as families and children (depicted as cartoon characters many times) struggling to live among the ruined landscape. He also paints towns coming together to find eco-friendly solutions without the permission of the State. Brophy went to church every Sunday where he learned about demons and locusts in The Apocalypse of John. The horrors he read inside the King James Bible makes him want to draw and paint as a way to repel and be free from the old book, to create his own world and life.


Daniel Brophy is a visual artist working in the mixed-media form (layering of ink, paint, and found objects onto canvas). He has also worked as an art installer at various museums, including Newark Museum, Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, and The Arts Guild New Jersey. He received a BA in Art History and BFA in Studio Art at Kean University. He has had ten solo exhibitions and nearlytwenty group exhibitions since 2005, ranging from themes such as “Father and Son” to “Attic Prophets” to the “Thermofax Time Machine” to “7th Inning Stretch.” His work has been shown in Denmark, Poland, Miami, Florida and New Jersey. Before moving to Denmark two years ago, Brophy worked and lived in Newark, NJ and was part of Newark’s contemporary art revitalization, particularly at the Index Art Center. He currently lives in Holbaek, Denmark with his wife Anna and their two children, Ada and Thora. He is a trainee in the art of becoming a father.

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